Updating from me to xp

To do this, go back to the Start menu and enter the Charms bar.

Next, select Settings, followed by the "Change PC settings" option, and click on Windows Update.

You might need to update drivers in Windows when a new piece of hardware you've installed doesn't work automatically or maybe after upgrading to a new version of Windows.

Updating drivers is also a great troubleshooting step when the device is having some kind of problem or is generating an error, like a Device Manager error code.

Rather than dedicating an active laptop, I'm much more likely to dig into my storehouse of old machines and press one of them into service.

I definitely don't want to be running XP on anything.

Worryingly, these updates fixed two critical security flaws that would have allowed hackers to remotely execute code.

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An updated driver might enable new features for the hardware, something I see on a regular basis with popular video cards and sound cards.When Windows XP Support ends in April, it means that Microsoft will no longer be issuing any security updates for this operating system.How many leftover PCs do you have sitting around in closets, on shelves, and in the form of virtual machines?In my case, I found three mini PCs, a couple of laptops, a netbook, and four towers that are sitting on shelves in the garage.Six Windows 10 annoyances: How to make them go away for good You've got complaints about Windows 10? From my mailbox, these are the top gripes about Microsoft's new OS, with instructions to help you make those problems vanish.While I'm not now using those machines, there's always the chance I'll want to put one back in service.


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