Outlook mailbox name not updating

It also does not control how others save your name in their contacts (you will see this saved name on emails they send to you).A common scenario for Exchange Server administrators is a customer that needs to change their primary email addresses to a new domain name.When you click “Update Office” in the banner that appears in the Office programs, you’ll start a process that takes 10-30 minutes and is usually painless.(Except when Outlook throws a fit and requires a rebuild of the mail profile, which seems to happen about 10% of the time.) Some Outlook 2016 users have been running into a bug that was apparently introduced by an update in April. Notice the left column with Inbox and the subfolders.

However, these dirsynced users were getting an Office 365 user name based on their old name from a non-updated user Principal Name in AD.

To add a new domain name to the organization launch the Exchange Management Console and navigate to Organization Configuration/Hub Transport. The name can really be anything you like but most administrators just make it the same as the domain they are adding. Note that if you have Edge Transport servers deployed in your network they will not receive the updated list of Accepted Domains until the next scheduled synchronization of the Edge Subscription.

Select the Accepted Domains tab to view the current list of domains. Now that the new domain as been added as an Accepted Domain the next step is to configure an Email Address Policy.

You can make changes to your display name - the name seen by recipients of your emails.

This only applies to emails sent from and does not affect accounts on your i Phone or other clients.


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