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Only thing I can think of at this moment is create a new user and see if it still shows the updates?

Other than that, a reinstall of Sierra if you've tried everything I've provided. I believe this is because the apps themselves are linked to an i Cloud ID and you didn't need to actually log in because of that.

This method can be invoked directly (if creating a window in code).

It will also be invoked by the NIB loader when loading the window from a NIB. These overrides will allow the window to be the keyboard focus and primary application window respectively.

I will use a custom The result is a transparent, rectangular window.

My dock tells me I have 8 available updates: I also got the notification asking to install updates.

However, when I open App Store, I only see recently installed updates (with no updates to apps or software visible): If the updates are real, how do I update, and if not, how do I get rid of the bubble? My output has an ` available Updates = (); ` block.

In this post, I will present a custom window and frame class that will draw the following window: Clicking and dragging in any part of the frame of this window will drag the window, except the gray square (which operates as a resize thumb) and the close box (which operates in a standard manner).

You can download the complete Xcode 3.1 project for Round Window (63k B).


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