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Rumors are swirling on Twitter that Michael Clifford and Crystal Leigh are in Thailand together.While that has not been confirmed, Pete Wentz did say in a new interview that Clifford has a girlfriend. Luke Hemming is still in a relationship with Arzaylea, and Calum Hood continues to be linked to Nia Lovelis.

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But that assumption is how we get so many characters in romance who move from "I hate you" to "I have to have you forever" with no logical reason -- leaving the reader scratching her head about how on earth these two could ever have fallen in love.And now fans are speculating that Ashton Irwin may be seeing a model named Tess. Pete Wentz has seemingly confirmed Michael Clifford and Crystal Leigh's romance.The rumored couple may even be in Thailand together.Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea are also still going strong after celebrating her birthday together.And fans continue to speculate about Calum Hood and Nia Lovelis, and Ashton Irwin and Tess Annique.They showed the characters passing through four phases that moved them step by step from wowie-zowie he's the most wonderful person in the world.” And each phase seemed to be characterized by distinct thought patterns—particularly if at first Prince Charming seemed to be more of a frog than a prince.


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