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It was a truth I could lean on, a sure thing in an unsure world, a bastion of my identity that I knew wouldn’t change like my fickle beliefs and emotions – until I met a Chanterelle. Every fall there is a story in the news about an Asian family poisoned by toxic mushrooms they had mistaken for some beloved friendly mushroom they were used to back home.

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Rarely, there emerged soul-gnarling stories of mom's two siblings who died as children; one during the flu epidemic of 1918, and the other from a bad diphtheria vaccine, expiring with her hand resting on a tangerine.

Though I did not encounter another kid's death myself, I certainly knew it could and did happen, and know it tinged my mother's, and thus my life, with more caution than is wise.

Stuck in my mind were those little bits in Campbell’s mushroom soup that squeaked when you bit them or the equally distasteful button mushrooms my mother cooked up with shrimp that repelled me.

No – I would never eat mushrooms and that was something I could take to the bank or win a sure bet on.


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